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Important Depression Facts

I believe that a true look into the various depression facts is needed because of how it affects you as a man entering or living in midlife.

Additionally, if you're suffering from feeling depressed, it's affecting your wife and the rest of your family.

The thing I'm most passionate about is helping you thrive throughout midlife. There are danger zones and pitfalls that, if you don't learn to navigate through them, can cause you to feel as though life is spinning out of control.

I encourage you to navigate my web site and read how others who have dealt with the same issues you are have overcome their depression.

I want to help you understand the various depression facts, but most importantly, I'm here to provide you the guidance that will bring you happiness and abundance.

General Depression Facts

One of the biggest "facts" that goes into being a man is that we're reluctant to verbalize our pain. We've been taught throughout our lives that it's not masculine to voice our feelings…or, that it's downright "weak" to do so.

This is why researchers are discovering that more and more older men are experiencing depression than previously thought.

How could we have had an accurate figure on the subject when most men are keeping their symptoms to themselves?

However, when you realize that the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that depression is going to be the number 2 reason for what they call "lost years" for otherwise "healthy" people worldwide by 2020, you begin to get a glimpse into how far reaching this issue is.

The fact is that depression in men is creating physical disease, and until this becomes more "known", men will continue to be misdiagnosed.

Depression Facts: Disease

As you grow older and enter midlife, please realize that a variety of factors can lead you to feeling depressed.

You may begin feeling greater financial pressures (possibly, your adult children have had financial issues that have fallen back on you), your body goes through changes that cause you to feel dismayed, etc.

This can cause you to feel irritable, angry, and depressed. If this process is allowed to continue untreated, it can cause disease in your body.

Today's proliferation of arthritis, heart disease, cancer, strokes, dementia, etc in men is now being linked back to untreated depression. The key point, or fact, here is that the “mental” issue comes before the physical manifestation of disease.

The "Normalcy" of Midlife Feelings

As we enter midlife and beyond (and, especially as men), there is a tendency to view feelings of depression as some sort of character flaw and to place blame on ourselves.

"Why am I feeling angry all the time? Why am I yelling at my wife? Why don't I feel like working in my job anymore?

These are common questions for men in midlife. They're actually quite normal. The problem that can occur, however, is that you never get to the bottom of why you feel these new emotions and feelings.

I believe that one of the most important depression facts we can discuss is that midlife and beyond is a time for reflection. It's a time to analyze within yourself how your aging process is changing not only your physical body, but also your spiritual soul.

It's all right to decide that major life change may be needed in order for you to feel as though you are "whole" and moving gracefully into the next phase of your life. This may be the time to move in an entirely different direction when it comes to wants, needs and desires.

The depression facts are revealing how important it is to look at your life in a new way as you grow older.

These facts are showing us that if you continue "doing what I've always done", even when that process is causing you to feel fatigue, loneliness, and despair, you are going to come to a crisis point.

My encouragement to you is to accept the challenge feeling depressed presents you. I encourage you to get the help you think you need in order to move forward in a positive way. There is nothing to be ashamed about as your move through this life phase.

Don't forget, though, that men are harder to diagnose because we don't recognize or won't admit the symptoms of depression.

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