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by sarah lozada

my husband had gone through depression last 2010 and now he's recovering and had his job for 3 months already.he has been drinking alcohol again.i think his depression is coming back because he's always sad and irritable again. he also wanted to separate from me and says that he didnt love me. he's saying that he wanted to have sex to another woman. is it still his sickness? im sad for what he's saying and dont know if the reason is still his depression. he didnt want to drink risdin, he only take it for only 3 days because he say that it didnt help him. pleASE help me because i love him with all my heart but he refuses to be with me as a wife....

Noel's response

I don't think I can offer much help. It does sound as though he is perhaps depressed again, and if he is drinking alcohol, it will make him more depressed. I don't know what the risdin was prescribed for, unless his doctor thought it might help his depression.

I suggest you try to find some help for yourself - either see a counselor, or, if you think your husband has an alcohol problem, find an Alanon group and attend some of their meetings. You may find help there.

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Apr 28, 2012
by: NWF

Hello, Please read up on male midlifecrisis--it usually starts with mild, mostly hidden, depression and gets much worse. That is why he says he wants to sleep with another woman and not you, it is his fantasy. It is not your fault. Try to be patient and not pressure him. Tease him like when you first started to date and make bedtime fun again with sexy clothing.

Check out this website: You can join a chat room there and they will help you but read as much as you can first under the midlifecrisis section. This will teach you what is happening to him.

hugs for you, NWF

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