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Desperate for Companionship: Gay at 60

by Chris Burnett
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

What are the best strategies for finding a same-sex partner for men after 60? I just turned 60 last December (six months ago) and have been "out" for 10 years after ending a 25-year marriage with a woman. I've dated men over the past 10 years, but nothing has lasted. Is that typical? I have relied on dating sites, but especially since turning 60 I've found these don't work as well. It seems that most guys my age are either partnered or looking for younger men. I should add that in the past 10 years I have increasingly been showing my age. I vow to lose weight but it's a real struggle. Sometimes I just feel life is over and get real lonely. I'm a great father to my three adult sons, the youngest of whom currently lives with me, and I have a good job. I do some stuff socially, but usually that is with straight people. I get kind of depressed about same-sex marriage because somehow I feel it never will apply to me. What to do? Just be happy I'm still here and generally healthy?

Noel's response

I am not sure what to suggest re: dating or finding a partner. The older one gets, the more of a struggle it is for gay and straight people. You have already tried dating sites and that option doesn't seem to work, so the only thing to do is to live your life as consciously as possible (a good thing to do whether you have a partner or not) and perhaps a partner will appear at some point. If not, at least you are remaining active socially and enjoying each day as it comes.

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