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divorce after 20yrs

A 41 yr old man divorces his wife of 20 yrs and leaves his four sons (ages 9-19) will he ever regret throwing his family away like this?

Noel's response

Some do, some don't. There is no way to tell in advance. I was sitting beside a woman on a flight a couple of days ago whose husband suddenly left her, divorced her, and got married again, all within a year. He now regrets it, but it is too late.

I have met other men (and women) who have left their spouses, and been happy about it.

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Apr 18, 2012
Divorce after 20 years
by: NWF

Hello, Noel will not reply to this 2nd request. He only answers 1 time. I will try to help you. Please check out this website: under the milife crisis section on the left column.

Our men do this, change like this, because they are temporarily insane, are full of entitlement, have an emotional war going on in their head, and can't deal with life or responsibility right now. They become very vulnerable to outside emotional support(and physical support) and must because they are very angry at their spouse--so they can't talk to her about it or expect emotional support from her. An OW (other woman) will listen to all the bullshit from them about how terrible their wife has treated them and given them "no respect". This is what they will say. It is NOT YOUR FAULT!!! It is what they are feeling inside of themselves that they project onto you. Whatever he says to you is how he is feeling about himself. They also leave because they know they are full of anger and they, sometimes, try to protect you from it. But, you will see and hear much anger anyway from them. Try as best you can to ignore it until you have calmed down enough to reply with out "reactions", only calm replies. They will not listen to any sensible reasoning from you so don't be surprised at how extremely frustrated you will become.

Find a good friend to hug for the long haul thru this disaster. It will not be easy and will not be over soon at all-- a few years maybe. You can ask many Q's at the above website blog page and others will help you and make you laugh with their stories and humor also.

I know where your at and it stinks. I have been going thru this for 2 years now. Read other stories here. I have written much to others to try and help them as well. I have learned much in these 2 years that I never wanted to learn but had to, just like you. You will feel better after you know more about what a midlife crisis really is and does to men and woman. It is not a JOKE by any means. My H filed for Div. 2 years ago and now he is appealing the decision to the NH Supreme Court, he does not like the lower court decison. Someone falsely told him that divorce would be free from alimony-- not so at all. Get your money and protect it in your own checking account and find the best Family Attorney around if he files for divorce. It gets very bad-- he will not even be able to think straight as he gets further into his crisis. He is not the man you know right now! I hope your situation is much shorter than mine.

Hugs for you, NWF

Apr 18, 2012
Why do they change?
by: Anonymous

I just want to know if you can tell me why these men are so uncaring and evil. Their whole personality is different like a whole new person. Why is that?

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