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by Rcl

Do all or most Mlc people want a divorce?

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Jul 13, 2015
by: NWF

Hello Rcl, I respectfully disagree with Noel's assessment of this situation. This may be true for someone having a transition (such as Noel did)but it is not true for full blown MLC. Also, from what I have seen at the forum that I mentioned in my last note, is that many many more MLCer's are men than woman. My H filed for a D before he left the house while he was still being nice to me...before the dark side took over; he was in a hurry because the OW was pulling at him. That was 5 years ago and we have been D'd for 2.5 years almost. It was pure hell to go thru, as it is in almost every situation that I know of. These people are very confused and angry at the world (or something) and they take it out on us, they project their anger onto us. Don't believe it! That will last for 6 months to a few years. They finally do calm down but by then they have caused much destruction to their family and life. Some file for a D but never go thru with it; many woman do file for the D due to the need to protect their finances and dignity. The short of it is...he will most likely sooner or later, want a divorce. It is better to tell them that you do not want a D and if they file for one, it is their decision and theirs alone. Stand up during that process for your rights!!! Please read the Articles that I told you about last time. They will educate you on this very long process.

Hugs, NWF

Jul 12, 2015

by: Noel

No. Not all, or even most. The majority of people going through a midlife transition hang in there with their spouse and make it through.

Both men and women go through midlife transitions, with women it usually comes with menopause. Statistics show that more women leave men, than men leave women.

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