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Do all midlife men who leave their wives get involved or are already in an affair?

by LeAnne

The Question

My husband of 28 years has left home and says he does not have the same feelings for me. I have looked for signs of an affair but have not been able to find anything. He has not had a lot of accounted-for time or spent money on things I do not know about.

I do however see the signs of midlife crisis as he just turned 50 in October. He is listening to oldies and has become very eratic in his behavoir. Not buying new clothes or new cars, just not enjoying things he has always found enjoyable!

He has refused counseling and says there is noone else involved.

Noel's response

Sounds as though he is in a midlife transition. It will end, but I cannot predict whether he will come back home.

Your task is to figure out what you want your life to be like, with or without him, and carry on.

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