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do husbands ever return

by lee

after 18 years of marriage 2 kids 18 and 4 mu husband who was working away for the past 2 years due to major financial problems decided he could no longer "do this" and said he was not in love with me anymore.

3 months on he still feels confused, he phones every 2 days and we have lengthy conversations.

He sees me as a very close close friend who he can confide in and does not know if he will come back or if his feelings will change.

He is happy to sit in my company but wont drink around me because we will end up in bed! states he still finds me attractive.

Am I losing the "plot" here or is he having a midlife crisis. There is no one else involved, when I ask him about the state of our relationship he says I am cornering him, admits he does miss me at times and is of the belief that he will always be there for me financially. Help feel like I am losing my mind never mind him.

Noel's response

It does sound like a midlife transition. It is common for men to feel confused about things at a time like this.

As to whether he will come back... some do and some don't. I realize that is of little help to you, but that is my observation over the years.

I suggest you maintain your own boundaries, and hang in there. At least he doesn't sound mean, like so many men seem to be in a midlife crisis.

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Mar 06, 2014
tiny little steps one day at a time
by: Anonymous

Lee It is good that your husband can still talk to you and looks upon you as a friend It maybe best for you not to talk much about your relationship at the moment as this can sometimes seem like pressure to them by keeping communications going between you it will be helpful if one day you do reconcile your marriage but for now it may be best to live your life as if he is not coming back and he is just a very good and dear friend I wish you all the luck in the world and strength as I know from experience you need strength to handle this make sure you eat and sleep well easier said than done but it does get better in time one step at a time be kind to yourself regard's Jill

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