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do i have low t

by Robert Parkhurst
(newton falls ohio )

Recently over the past year, tension inside myself has been building, I am going to be 45 this month for one thing age does not bother me, but that is a lie i did not want a 40 birthday and no after that, to get to the bottom line I know i am not young anymore,I lost a good paying job that supported my family and had money in the bank and 401k now i am going to be 45 , back then I could take a hit get up shake it off ,I left out the part where all the savings went out the door due to fact that I needed hip replacements. but here i am 45 trying to rebuild and it is so stressful. I have such a story of the impact these corporations have on the lives of there employees face closing the doors 2 of my friends have committed suicide since they closed our doors and I am fighting not to join them.

What keeps me going right now is the will and determination to fight for my wife and children.
This is a story of low T because as i age it gets harder and harder to be motivated I know it is in me trying to bring that spirit of me the man she married to the surface.

Noel's response

if you are thinking about taking testosterone therapy, I urge you to see your doctor, and not prescribe for yourself.

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Sep 01, 2011
Personal Opinion
by: Nucitrus support

I would not advised such products like antidepressants because even though it will temporary eliminate the stress in your life it robs your body of the good germs in your body. These germs live in your intestines in fact if you are faced with such issues nine out of ten the majority of good germs in your body are already eradicated. However, if you are not willing to commit to alternative options than antidepressants will be the thing for you. I encourage you to purchase Probiotic pills with at least 6 to 8 billion cultures of germs in them and take these with the antidepressants. Please keep in mind that the good germs in our bodies are design to heal and restore the functions. That include mental functions as well. There are natural alternatives to this issue but it takes a person that is seriously willing to change old habits and commit themselves to a process that is meant for life. I know because I myself am dealing with similar battle, but I must say this new way of operating are showing great benefits and are improving my way of thinking through a moderate process.

No offense to those that rely on antidepressant drugs but if you commit yourself to such you will for ever commit yourself to become codependent on a drug that must increase in doses as you age. A product that will eliminate the terror that ills you daily but steals the natural vitamins and minerals that your body dependence on daily. Yes it will suck the life and health from you.

I am not a Doctor nor claim to be. I am an individual that grew up in a family of Doctors and Health conscious people. I have also spent plenty of time researching on health and the great benefits of alternative medicines (herbals and such). If you like to converse with me on the alternative issue as oppose to relying on antidepressants contact me at:

I would like to add please consult your professional Doctor first before you contact me. If he or she advise antidepressants think hard on your choice if you decided to go the alternative way than consult me. Good luck and God Bless on fighting this epidemic of stress and internal illnesses.

Jul 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but low T is the least of your worries. You are depressed Probably, not sleeping well and nothing seems to make you happy so you feel exhausted. Life kicked you in the butt a little too hard.

Get some antidepressants and that shroud of blackness in your mind should leave within a couple weeks. I applaud you for hanging in there for your family. Fight the good fight by doing something to help yourself through all this. Talk to a psychologist & get all the bad things off your chest then you will find peace. There are psychologists who work on a sliding scale since you are probably having money troubles.

Don't keep making up excuses, change your own life by making better decisions now.

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