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Do men going through MLC commit suicide?

by Tam
(Life goes on...... Apart.)

My estranged husband has threatened suicide. He has told me he has a gun and he's come close several times shooting himself. I called his son, the one he is suppose to be staying with & let him know Tony was talking suicide. He told me not to worry about him doing such a thing. My husband was never one to consider such a thing. He loves himself too much & his drug habit. I think he has been saying such a thing to play on my emotions. Hoping I will take him back after leaving me 5 months ago because he felt guilty for having an affair. I can not & will not take him back. He has hurt me too bad in more ways than one. We had been together for nearly 17 years, married 15 & a half years. He's 56 & I'm 41. He's wild & preferred to be around younger people. Always wanting to party. I like a quiet life, homebody house mouse type. I loved this man so, I don't understand why he threw it all away. Now, he has gotten himself deep in debt since he left me. He says he knows he's made a mistake with her & wants me back... Since he has walked out the door all I been doing is learning to let him ago & finding out the mistakes I made with him so I can be a better person & a better wife if I choose to remarry after our divorce. I cried & begged for him to not leave me when he tortured me for months threatening to leave.

What should I do? I've let a couple of his family members know the state he's in, but they seem to think he will be okay.

Noel's response

It sounds to me as though you are doing the right thing... moving on with your life without him.

Some men do commit suicide during a midlife crisis, and some addicts to commit suicide, buy many simply threaten it. Either way, there is not likely much you can do about it.

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Mar 29, 2015
Mlc and suicide
by: Brokenlady

My childhood sweetheart husband of 32 years together 36 years father of our 5 lovely grownup children and granda of 8 ! Started a mlc in 2010 although the signs something was wrong then was just general Ferlinghetti worn out bogged down and miserable nothing he'd not been before on and off our relationship I felt that way to sometimes , the real personality changes started a year later acting and talking younger younger work colleagues new truck!!! Always had a car before out socializing with colleagues and was always a home bod would rather be at home with me , secretive knew top notch mobile phone ( couldn't even work it properly) distancing from us all uninterested withdrawn uncomfortable silence between us , couldn't talk about us would just say he feels different ! In nov 2011 got the speech ilybinilwy. Was heartbroken , googled it and mlc all over the last 2 years he left and returned the final return in dec 2014 he was broken utterly I love him and always have and it broke my heart the child in him was distraught got meds and started his therapy was in a group he wasn't happy about that but it was all that was available had to do 3 mnths in a group before he could have one to one x he was up and down emotionally he attempted suicide 3 times in z month still local authority crisis care team didn't think he needed any more help than he was receiving currently .the emotional journey for me was hell and heartbreaking for all of us , he turned into somebody we didn't know over the last 4 years he had had an affair and yo yo d between us I kept calm and tried to still keep my composure and dignity all the way through even the kids thought I was mad , well this story our story has a tragic ending , we were the perfect couple everyone envied us or wanted to be just like us , my love of my life succeeded in his attempt to take his life 3 weeks ago help help help now what ? He just couldn't forgive himself for the affair and for what he said the most selfish idiot he hated himself and what he'd done . How many more mlc have ended this way ?

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