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Do men in a midlife crisis lose interest in their relationship?

The Question

Do the men going through a midlife crisis tell their partners they do not feel passion for the relationship anymore, and they are not in love with them anymore... no heart, no drive for the relationship anymore?

Noel's response

Yes, that often happens when a man is in a midlife crisis.

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Oct 08, 2010
Do men in midlife crisis loose interest in their relationship?
by: Anonymous

The lack of emotion towards you is because he is feeling dead inside. This started way before any affair might have started out of the need to validate all of his false built up anger towards you. It is not you. It is them feeling empty for any of your love but they take all they can get from any other woman--it makes no difference who it is as long as it's not you.

This same thing is happening to me and I have heard all of this also. When we used to make love he would tell me that he felt nothing from it. He is full of infatuation from the other woman though-because it is new. It will come back towards you eventually but it may be a long time. It depends on how long he has ignored his inner feelings by being too busy at work or another project. Again, it is not you that has caused this. Do not believe him when he says it is, please.

May 29, 2010
midlife crisis
by: Bella

It's also a sign that they may have an affair going on.

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