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Do men remember the history ?

by Jennifer
(wichita, kansas)

My husband of 34 years announced he was unhappy and needed space, filed for divorce, refuses to talk and has someone else which is a serious relationship according to him. So, if I can't forget the history we have which entails both good and bad times will he ever admit to remembering our lives and figure things out with regret and remorse that he thoroughly was misled for a time being and chose to sacrifice everything for his new relationship and "new life" he has made for himself? I know everyone is different, but he led a double life for awhile and I'm not sure if he even had a midlife crisis although it seems textbook in many ways.

Noel's response

I really have no way of answering your question. I don't imagine he has forgotten your lives together, but that does not mean he will necessarily admit to remembering your lives together, or regret leaving, although he may at some point.

You say you 'can't forget the history you have', nor should you, but if what you are really saying is that you can't move on because of your past history, I suggest you accept the situation as it is now, and move forward. Even if he does feel regret at some point it still doesn't mean you shouldn't move forward with your own life.

And even

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