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Do they ever get over it?

My husband is the perfect example of a mid-life crisis. He hates going to work and he hates coming home, he has moved out of our bed room and into the spare room. He has turned to having sex with hookers and stays out all night. If he is home, he is watching porn and making "877" calls.

Will he ever get over this faze?

Noel's response

Yes, as with all things in life, this too shall pass. You may want to set some boundaries of your own if you want to stay in this marriage. Visiting hookers can be dangerous to your health, not to mention your relationship. If you do not know how to set boundaries, see a psychotherapist to get some help.

Comments for Do they ever get over it?

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Dec 20, 2011
Response to Noel
by: Alone and hurt

Thank you for your response Noel, when you're in the middle of this situation it seems like it will never end. I have come to realize that this is not my fault and I haven't done anything wrong. My husband needs to work this out on his own. I have considered getting counseling for myself to find ways to deal with this.
Again, thank you for the response.

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