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Do they really blame theirs wives for everything?

by Sonja
(Tucson, AZ)

I worry about my ex. he wanted to come home once and still isn't sure he made the right choice. But his behavior is getting worse not better. he drinks all day everyday, sleeps with any an all women. is getting more and more in debt, but borrowing money from his kids. I can't take him back. he is mean really mean. does he have to hit the bottom? thanks

Noel's response

Yes, he probably does need to hit the bottom, and the very kindest thing you and your kids can do is help 'bring the bottom up', as they say in the addiction-counseling world. You might find it useful to talk to an addictions counselor to get some help with this situation.

And you are right in not taking him back... as long as he is drinking heavily, all he really wants from you is a free ride.

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