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does he want to come back home?

by sally
(Massachusetts )

Well I don't think this is a midlife crisis seeing as were both in our only 32 but here it goes.

About 11 months ago we had our beautiful little boy. Shortly thereafter we started to have serious problems because I had postpartum depression and a very colicky baby. At the time we didn't know I had postpartum.

About 4 months later he went to work one day and never came home again. We only spoke 3 times between January and June. Then we saw each other at court and have been keeping in touch every other week or so since.

Over the weekend I got a text message asking me if he could come over to cuddle. I wasn't sure how to take it but I told him I had friends over and we were sitting out near the fire and having some beers but he was welcome to come over. He did.... he was very affectionate in front of everyone and alone he told me he was sorry and he missed me. And that he misses this..... he also kissed me told me he loved me and ended up staying the night.

He got somewhat emotional while talking about his daughter (from another marriage )and my oldest son missing him. Other than that nothing much happened. We talked a little the day after but I haven't talked to him since.

Does he really miss us? Does it sound like he wants to come home? Or was it just a booty call? Before we had our problems things were perfect! I still love him with everything I have. And would love it if we could work things out

Noel's response

I don't know whether he wants to come home, or just likes sex with you now and then.

If he wants to come and stay the night again, you might want to tell him you have to talk things over and make some decisions first, re: what his intentions are regarding you and the family.

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Aug 21, 2011
wasting your love
by: Anonymous

get angry and give him the flick. You are a convenience for him now and nothing more. If you can get over him and get him out of your mind and life.
This is nothing short of emotional abuse and is being used as a tool to keep you showing him you want him. Drop the crap down the loo where it belongs.
Be strong,you are not alone, there are so so many other women out there world wide battling with this crap. Men seem to hit an emotional awareness of the declining life span and expect everyone else to solve the problem for them
yet as women we have to soldier on regardless.
In my experience foolish women like you and me wait and wait thinking one day their time will come but it never does UNLESS you take it for yourself.

Aug 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Men are creatures of habit. This story is so clear I don't need to know anything else. His significant other didn't work out and now he feels like good ole reliable (YOU) may let him in when he's hurt and feeling lonely. He saw the family and the friends and his own guilt got to him. 9 times out of 10 if that significant other or even another came along again he would become MIA.

If he really wanted to come back he would be there daily and calling daily and doing what he needs to. YOU WOULD KNOW AND WOULDN'T BE 'WONDERING' what he wanted to accomplish. He seems pretty set when he's after something being he LEFT FOR WORK AND NEVER CAME BACK. If he wanted to come back it 'seems' it would be the same...come home and NOT LEAVE. So where is he?? I hear crickets. You KNOW what to do.

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