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Does MLC affect men in a way due to their anger or guilt to perform spousal rape on their wives before they leave home due to an affair?

by Tam
(Ga, USA)

I am affected by this greatly. What my husband did to me was very out of character for him. We were together for 16 years & married 15 of those. He had never done anything to hurt me sexually on purpose before until 2 days before he left me. He was cold about it another strange thing about this & afterward he ignored me till he walked out the door two days later... I was in pain due to what he did to me, I knew I needed to go to the doctor but I was embarrassed & ashamed because it was my husband. I hurt severely for 10 days... 10 weeks later I went to the local health department to get tested for STD's due to my husband committing adultery on me. (He admitted it to me a week after he left me.) I had told the nurses he had hurt me sexually before he left me. When I was being examined the 1st thing the nurse said with an intake of breathe " You are bruised." Again, this was 10 weeks later...

I have confronted my husband about it. He says he is sorry & that he don't remember it. How can that be so?... He wants me to take him back. I can not. I can never trust him to open myself to him in that way ever again. He says he has made a mistake with the other woman & everything. That now this is all like a dream to him. He is avoiding divorce which I want of course.
I loved this man so. This has floored me... Has any other women on here experienced this situation?
Does MLC really make men this strange?

Noel's response

While it is true men often become irritable during midlife transitions, it does not mean they will rape their wives. It sounds as though your husband has a problem with rage, and needs some therapy and/or anger management training.

I wouldn't blame it on MLC.

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