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Does MLC ever end?

by Susan

Will my husband ever get over this horrible situation he has put us thru? We are separated now, but I never wanted that. He only thinks about himself, losing weight, exercising to a fault, buying new clothes which he never wears for me, and on and on. I'm so lonely and want to know how long this will go on. I moved in with my son in another city. He never asks about me or what I'm doing. How did this happen to us?

Noel's response

Yes, it does end. It can take from a few weeks to several years, and I have no way of predicting what the situation between the two of you will be when it does end.

In the meantime, my only suggestion for you is to concentrate on your own life: what do you want in your life, with or without him? What have you put off, or not done, because of being with him? What unfulfilled dreams are waiting for your attention?

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