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Does this sound like a midlife crisis?

The Question


My boyfriend left after four years. Said it was all him not me, and I did nothing to cause it. AT random times through our relationship I saw him look in mirror and worry about love handles. I saw him buy shoes he would wear in highschool.

He thought about retiring from a job he loved earlier to start a militaristic job at age 37. At times he said he felt trapped or confined. He says feels numb and empty.

He is not the person I saw for four years. Does this sound like midlife crisis?

Noel's response

Yes. He is worried about aging, has lost interest in a job he used to love, feels numb and empty... all classic symptoms of a midlife transition.

Comments for Does this sound like a midlife crisis?

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May 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

He totally dropped the whole relationship and never looks back seems like he doesn't even care. I've struggled with family medical probs in my family and he doesn't even care since the breakup.

Its been about seven months I feel like he's hurt me sooo very easy. And within four months of being out of relationship was already talking to another woman maybe sooner for all I know. Do they ever feel bad for what they did.

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