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Does this sound like mid-life crisis?


My husband is 48 years old and he recently went to a conference for work in Texas.

He is a cowboy and ended up riding a bull while there in Texas. Of course I was not too happy when he came home and told me because we have three young children, and his response was 'well at least I know that I still have it'.

He rode for 8.5 seconds. This is not the first thing that he has done... I just found out recently he has been talking to an old girlfriend. He is quite irritable with me and the kids and we just started marriage counseling.

His mother passed away this past January, and I feel that his mother passing away may have set off his mid-life crisis, as shortly after she passed away all of this started. I am just wondering if this sounds like mid-life crisis so I can mention it to the counselor.

Noel's response

Yes, this sounds like a stereotypical midlife crisis.

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