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Drugs or crisis????

Okay so i recently went to a prison for about a year. My bf of only 5 years was there for me thru out the whole time while taking care of our 3 year old and his kids. Well when i was about to be released he changed his mind and instead i had to move back in with a family member. So basically he said he didnt want to be with me. Well i ended up meeting this other guy and i was honest and told him about it. He was very upset wanting to hurt this other man. So therrfore i had to quit talking to him for our safety. Well my bf wouldnt let me see my baby unless i was in a relationship with him. We both have equal custody. So eventually he came by my house and literlly stold my parents vehicle that i had been able to drive. He sold it to some man in another city. We finally reported it stolen and got car back after a month. Well he decides i should come back home and he says he would forgive me for "cheating" & that everything would get better. I missed my babygirl so much so i said yes. Well i been able to reconnect with my babgirl from the time me being away from her. Since i have been home now with him its very bad. He accuses me of cheating all the time, he always takes away car keys so i cant go anywhere. I asked if i could get a job he says no just to stay home and take care of our daughter and his kids. Well since all this i became pg again. By him. He denys its his baby. This pregnancy has made the whole situation worse. He now always thinks im talking to that other guy, & hes very jealous and insecure. He dont let me go anywhere only with the kids. And when i do leave its sometimes bad when i get home. He now is to the point to where he keeps hitting me in front of my babygirl. I have called cops once and state ended up picking it up but he hired a good lawyer so it will probably be dropped. He threatens me if i say im guna call cops when he hurts me. I dont want cps to get imvolved either and take away kids so instead i just keep my mouth quite. Now im about 32 weeks pregnant almost due and instead of hitting me over my body he keeps hitting my head when he is mad or drags me by the hair in front of my 3 year old. Its affecting her bad. Shes always scared of any loud noises and keeps using the bathroom in her bed. I havnt left yet because im afraid of leaving my daughter with him knowing how violent he gets. He says if i leave i cant see my babygirl anymore. I know i do have a criminal background from over 8 years ago so he would use that against me. Also he has more money and a home for the kids so im afraid i would lose if i tryed to take him to court. Also hes friends with a judge here and attorneys. I am in a position to where im not sure what i need to do. Also hes been doing meth very bad. He used to sell alot but finally he quit. Now hes a user. Everyday he smokes it with his friends and he drinks beer sometimes. Now its worse. He dont spend anytime around the kids. He even got to where he dont want to go to work. Our electric had got cut off and we borrowed money. He keeps ripping off his drug friends as well. And instead of paying our bills when they are due he will go buy old vehicles and say hes going to fix them. So far we have 5 cars that need work, his truck, another new car he just got, the car i drive also he got daughter a new car as well. He put a down payment on this last vehicle with the last money we had and our rent isnt even paid. His priorites are all messed up now. He only cares about putting rims and speakers in the cars. Now he can bearly pay any bills. I applied for assistance since we do have 3 children in our home and Got approved. We have never asked for help with any of that before. Hes to the point now he dont even care if our lights or water is out. Please. Somebody help me. What do i do???

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by: Noel

It does sound as though are in a very difficult situation. From the sound of it, I would say he has a drug problem rather than midlife crisis. I do not know what to suggest you do. Perhaps other readers have useful advice.

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