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dumped by a younger woman

by justice ellis
(Fanwood nj)

I am 60 and my 43 year old girlfriend dumped me recently she said it was because of the age difference.she being from a poor area in Jamaica I was generous to her with money and buying her gifts for her and her 10 yr old daughter.

I frequently compliment her on her nice looks and nice way she dresses because prior to meeting me she felt ugly and her esteem was poor as a result of being in an abusive relationship. She always looked forward to my compliments whenever I picked her up in the am on the way to work.

one day she told me a young guy on the job ran his fingers through her hair and told her her hair was pretty.I got upset (jealous)and lectured her about not letting any man do that except me.At that point the next day i picked her up from worked and as usual leaned over to kiss her and she stopped me saying no kissing at work.that hurt me and i said oh there must be someone you dont want to see us kissing. the following day on the way to work i attempted to hold her hand and her grip was loose and she broke the hand connection. I was going to surprise her with a new car but got the down payment back after she dumped me further she wanted to relocate to Florida where her parents reside,I applied and was approved for 475,000 for a house, she didn't find this out until after she dumped me.I'm confused because now that we are no longer a couple she say's she wants to be friends she calls me every day sometimes three or four times a day. I am a diabetic and suffer from penile dysfunction,I told her i was going to get an implant she became agitated and said no no don't do it now wait until you marry and meet some one nice I want you to be happy.Can you help clear thing up for me?

Noel's response

The message seems pretty clear. She is not going to be your long-term partner. You helped her feel better about herself, but she is not prepared to remain in a long-term relationship with you. I would stop spending money on her.

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Oct 08, 2011
by: karma

This sounds a bit like my 60 year old ex who suffered a midlife crisis-mmmmmm.Oh well i did say what goes round comes around.

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