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Excellent "mid-life crisis"..........

by Jean Christian
(South America)

Up until my beginning forties I lived a hectic life in a big city (in Europe), had "everything" I wanted: the car, the house, the restaurants, the parties, the suits, a beautiful and loyal partner (we never married, but were together for 16-17 years), friends, travel... I had "it all".

When I was 42-43 one of my clients asked me to do a project in South America. My son was born when I was 41, which was around the time I decided to leave my long-lasting girlfriend. I then went to do the project in South America, which was scheduled for max 3 months, but a delay occurred, 3 months turned into 1 year.

I realized that the life I was living was far richer than before. I was thinking to myself, "hmmm, what do I do now?". After some months of reflection, I decided to stay in South America, worked on transitioning my business and establish myself deeper in-country.

I did some travels to Europe. A couple of years went by, and the mother to my son fell ill. I started aggressive court proceedings in Europe with the clear aim to obtain full custody for my son. This process took 6-8 months, and I was finally awarded full custody for my son.

I am now approaching 50 and my son is approaching 9 years old. We live together, only the two of us, he is very happy, and I am happier than I have ever been. My work, health and general outlook on life is bright and clear. These days I am looking for a new and serious relationship, but am taking it easy and slowly; taking care of my son, myself and my work. Have great friends, do a lot of training and am on a good diet. Every day, I see love, and it is straight in front of me; my son. I feel great privilege.

The "midlife Crisis"

In course of my project in South America, my client insisted on a quarterly general health
check. When I did the first check, the cardiologist discovered that one of the main arteries related to the heart was 96% blocked; he rushed to me to do an angioplasty. After a successful intervention, the doctor told me I would very likely pass away from a cardiac arrest any day, and for sure within 3-4 months.

In a way I cannot help thinking that my decision to make the dramatic changes I did when I was 42-43 years old was because of my "mid-life crisis”, and I that this "mid-life crisis” saved my life and ensured real and genuine happiness both for my little boy and myself.

Without having too much experience with "mid-life crises”, I am saying to my male friends, "just go for it, and go for it now....."

From a very happy "mid-life crisis” survivor.....

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i'm alright jack!
by: Anonymous

no mention what your poor girlfriend went through! typical male think of what you need and want and then justify it by looking after your son makes it all ok! what about others and their needs and wants, thats what a relationship is also about, i hope when you do find someone she will soon realise how you will dump her when you feel the need to persue what you alone want, hope she runs for the hills when she realises.

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