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Getting help

The Question

Married 28 years and we talk well together and a lot lately.

His doctor told him everything he was feeling was not uncommon and some times you have too move out to figure it out. This is not an option for me. It seems like the easy way out.

I truly believe for better or worse. He and I would be willing to seek help but what are we looking for: a marriage counsellor, or one for him and one for me?

Should I sleep in the guest room for a while?

Noel's response

I would start with a marriage counsellor, assuming you are both willing to see one. The counsellor may at some point suggest individual therapy for one or both of you.

I suggest you give him all the space you can while he goes through this.

You mention you are not open to the option that is in your words "the easy way out". Does that mean easy for you, or for him, or for both of you. It sounds as though you think life should be hard!

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