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He is now engaged to another woman...what can I do?

by Jade
(British Columbia, Canada)

My ex boyfriend has shown many signs of a midlife crisis. He ended our relationship out of the blue without any option to sit and discuss or try to work it out. He was blaming me for his unhappiness and said he needed space. Then he got together with a new woman about 4 months later. They have been together for about 11 months and are now engaged. We were together for 6 years and he was often talking about us getting married and having kids with me. We had a house, dogs, and investment properties together. We built an entire domestic/marriage like life together. He claimed that it was all his creation. He denied me of any share of our assets that were unfortunately all in his name. He had an investment property with friends that went under a short sale a month before he broke up with me. It was his dream to build a lake house on this property. He was planning on proposing to me on a trip we had planned, but instead broke up with me a month before we were supposed to leave on our trip. He went on the trip alone and slept with many women during the 3 months. I know he still loves me deep down. Is there any hope that he will back out of this marriage and come back into my life? Is there anything I can do to stop him from making such drastic and big decision while his emotions are so erratic?

Noel's response

I don't imagine there is anything you can do about him marrying this woman. I suggest you move on with your own life.

Regarding the asset base you built together, if there is any significant amount of equity, you have a legal right to half of it. If he won't give it to you, talk to a lawyer.

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