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He left me! Help

by Nicki
(Salt Lake)

The Question

My husband is 28. We have been together for 11 years.

We had a hard time after we had our first child 8 years ago. Then our daughter was stillborn 5 years ago. Our 2nd son was great 4 years ago. Last year we decided to try for our last which was another boy. He is now six weeks old.

Mid-pregnancy he started to become so distant. Working, coming home, leaving to workout and then on friday leaving with guys. I felt lonely.

Three weeks after the baby, and the day after my birthday he decided to move out to his moms.

He says he loves me and he always will. Some days he says he only wants to focus on himself and that we are over. The next day we are happy together like it was in the begining. And he says that he wants to work on our relationship to get back together.

At his mothers house he is always out with the guys and when we make plans he cancels or pushes them for a later time.

Please help I am really confused.

Noel's response

Next time he says he wants to work on your relationship, have the name of a marriage counsellor (you can find one in the phone book, or maybe get a referral from a friend who has marriage counselling) and ask that he go to an appointment with you.

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