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by rahul roy

I am a 46 yrs old man,i am only 4'7" and 73lbs,my wife is 5'11" and 258lbs she 39 yrs.I am like a small kid to her.we had love marriage.I was her private tutor.She made a good result in school final and I asked her what gift she wants from me.She scooped me in her arms and told that she wanted me to be her husband(BABY HUSBAND).At my disagreement She carried me to the terrace stripped me naked and fondled me for more than a hour.I had to agree bcos she threatened to carry me naked on the street to my friends if I didn't.After our marriage she always treated me like a kid carrying me naked throughout the house even in front of my mother and our house maid who was then only 16yrs but of big physique like my wife,she bathed me naked in the open and sometimes asked the maid to give me a bath when she was busy.She always fed me sitting naked on her lap and sometimes the also did the same.When our daughter was born she breastfed me along with my daughter.I have never slept on the bed but on her like a child since our marriage.My daughter is now 14yrs old but already 5'8" 194lbs.My wife continues to treat me the same way in front on my daughter.My daughter repeats every treatment my wife give to me.She is taught by her mother to bathe me,fed me naked on her lap,put me to sleep on her lap naked patting my bare butt and even carry me around stark naked.She(my daughter}developed a habit of keeping me laid naked on her lap when she is studying.Any disobedience on my part I get a bare butt SPANKING from both of them.I feel very ashamed when my daughter fondles with my manhood or holding me in the air kiss my bare butt in front of her mother. My wife says I am a like a kid to her and should get used to it. what should I do?

Noel's response

Size may matter in some ways, but it is what inside that counts. In order for them to do what they do to you, you have to agree to it. You say if you don't they will spank you. I have never heard of anyone be killed by a spanking.

I suggest you get counseling in order help you see yourself as a man. When you feel like a man, you will act like a man. Your wife and daughter are acting very inappropriately toward you, and I suggest you simply refuse to be carried around naked, or even to appear naked in front of them. Sleep where you decide, not where they decide.

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