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He's 42 years older than me. Will we last together

by Girlygirl
(Australia )

My bf is 60 and I'm 18. We love each other deeply and can't stand to be away from each other. Our sex life is perfect and has been from the start. He doesn't act his age, sure he's 60 but he looks and acts like he's 35. I'm very mature for my age, more like 25. We've had our differences but we work them out.we've talked about kids and we both are positive that we don't want any. He's protective and possessive of me, always wanting to keep me happy in every way.Always wanting the best for me. Everyday I find myself counting the minutes til I get to be with him again. We've both had rough past lives so we understand each other really good. He keeps himself very fit and has the energy of a 20 yr old. He's never kept me from doing something that I want. He's been very supportive and wanted me to finish school. Anything we want from each other we usually get it. I don't see him as someone much older than me because it just doesn't seem that way. Not everyone is accepting of our relationship mainly my parents but we both don't care what others think. I guess my questions are should we care what others think? Is it wrong for us to be together with such a huge age difference even tho we get along so well and love each other so much? And will the age become a problem for the future?

Noel's response

The age difference is significant. In twenty years he will be an 'old man', and may experience health problems, loss of energy, etc. - all the things that go with old age. Chances are very good that he will die long before you do as well.

That being said, it is your relationship, and only the two of you can decide what to do about it.

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