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Highly sexed man develops erection problem

by Rasika

The Question

I am a married woman of 42 years. My husband is 48 years and is a very sexually aroused person. We had a very healthy sexual life in past 20 yrs. My husband is a one-woman man. He wants to ejaculate 2-3 times a day either by masturbating or by intercourse. Is it normal for his age? For the last few weeks he is having erection problems even after lot of foreplay. Does he need any food supplements or multivitamins?

Please suggest something without side effects so we can regain our sexual life.

Noel's response

As far as 'normal for his age', there is no 'normal' in the sense that some men (and women) want a lot more sex than others.

Regarding supplements, I don't know the answer. Perhaps his doctor or a sex therapist could help.

Comments for Highly sexed man develops erection problem

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Nov 25, 2014
I have a same issue
by: ColtWhitley

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Oct 06, 2010
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Sep 28, 2010
Comment for Heighly sexed man develops erection problem!
by: Anonymous


This happened to my husband for 6 years. Now that is fine but he is in a midlife crisis and has left the house 3 months ago and is having affair.

For this he needs Viagra--but not with me. I guess he needs teenage erection times again as she is his x from high school that dumped him when he went into the army. She was still in HS at the time and wanted another boyfriend. He was heart broken due to it. I think this may have caused his MLC.

Hold onto your hat!

Hopefully this won't happen to you. Check it out if he starts blaming you for everything and gets angry often and loses patience.

Or, it may be due to stress from work.

Take care, NWF

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