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His attraction towards woman 10 yrs younger to him

by sonam

I am a 37 yr old lady with a 5 yr old child six months back I met this 47 yr old man with a wife and two teenage children. He said we will have nice time together n though his wife is good but she is not funky kind so that factor is missing in his life. We usually used to meet at home or used to go on a drive. Since he is a lawyer by profession he says he remains busy still he manages to meet me once a week for an hr. Recently he told me that he is going out for some function upon his return he declared that he is going to US for there is a function at his in-laws family and that there will be no communication between the two of us for 20 days. He says that his wife is his love and that he likes me and doesn't love me. He fights with me and then comes back to me whenever we get physical he says why I don't stop him. And that it's wrong because whenever we come close we fight. Please let me know what this guy wants from me. Has he fallen in love with me that is why he wants me away. Please help me find an answer

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Jul 07, 2015
His attraction towards woman 10 yrs younger to him
by: Anonymous

Sonam, Why do you want to be the Other Woman (OW)? This man is married and you are interfering in his married life. Your are hurting his wife and children, it that what you want? Where is your dignity and honor?? He is telling you stories about his wife ONLY to have sex with you! How does this make you feel? He lies to you and then argues with you. Leave this man alone, he is not yours and you cannot steal him away from his family...he has made that clear already. Do you really want to be a home wrecker?
Find another man to support you and leave this guy alone! Respect yourself enough to stop this.

He loves his wife! Do you understand that? Find your dignity and honor. This will not turn out well for you in the long run.

Move on and leave married men alone!

Jul 06, 2015

by: Noel

He sounds as though he just wants to have some fun and sex with you. He has told you he loves his wife, and doesn't love you. That seems pretty clear to me. If you are looking for a loving relationship with a man, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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