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how long does it last and will he get better?

The question

My husband is going through what I assume is a midlife crisis. He is distant and spends all his time away from our home. He has found a female friend that he spends time with. he tells me that she is just a friend however I am not sure if I believe him.

He still kisses me when he leaves home and when he returns. He says he loves me. I told him that I understand what he is going through and will be with him. We have been married 8 years and I still believe that we have a chance to get through this. I think it started when he was down sized from his job after 29 years. He also will turn 50 next February. He was out of work for 14 months and became very depressed.

Up until this happened we had a great life. He is working now and I am hoping he will feel better about himself. I just want to know how long will this last.

Noel's response

There is no way for me to predict how long it will last. As you say, now that he has a job again, he may start feeling better about himself, and his midlife crisis will be shortened.

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Jun 21, 2013
is this mid life crisis
by: Anonymous

my husband of 34years left 4 months ago after our sons wedding. he was extremely distant towards me last year and I have thought there has been another woman,someone who works with him for over a year. her husband died 5 months ago and Ihave found out they are seeing one another as friends!his whole character changed and he has told my sons that he wants to go rock festivals etc.things which he wanted to when he was younger.He is not in touch with any friends and has given up all his hobbies god knows when he will ever return as the person I knew

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