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How Long does it last?


how long does the transition last?

Noel's Answer:

It varies. With some men, it is a few weeks, with others, several months, and with yet others, a year or more. In my case, it was about five years.

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Jun 15, 2009
Trust After Return to Real Life
by: Anonymous

After this transition, can the man be trusted not to go through that again? I think you're right about the "idealization" of the other woman.

I found a sappy, adolescent-sounding poem my husband had written about hearing the other woman's voice for the first time. (They had met online). He waxed poetic about the sweetness of her voice saying his name.

I was floored! He is one of the least sappy men in the world, and he would be the first to make fun of someone else who had written a similar sentiment. I just wanted to throw up when I found it.

It made me relive the moments when I first found out he had left me, and when I found out (he didn't tell me) about the other woman.

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