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How long does this go on?


Does middle age crisis end at some point?

Noel's response

Yes. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. But it does end.

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Jan 24, 2012
when does it end
by: jo

I thought God or eternity, but then, he will think as he thinks and that controls his emotions and heart really. whatever it was to him, is to him will remain to him. and if you have loved him, respited him enjoyed him and thought it was fine, it's what he took of all that.

and I personally feel in my case he became very dissatisfied with life and wife. thought a lot of himself and thought why not, I've taken care of my family all my life and this is for me (entitlement) . opportunity. temptation, and knowing that I really worshiped him. I cared what he ate, what he was feeling , what he liked and disliked. how he perceived himself, if he had time for himself. I liked enough really I painted and loved animals, gardened and was sport for any sport, so he just got attracted to someone else so deeply that's all that mattered to him. call it a mirrored image of what he thought he saw, or wanted out of all of that. I'm sure he got what he wanted, he said so, only it wasn't controllable. it didn't continue. that was his delima. so I know all this and now--just move on with your life that's what I get from ministers, priests, therapists, and him. "sorry" sorry for it all, what else is he to say. what can he say. he even says I loved it, it was exciting, and all the confession helps he feel he is being honest, that he is. but he regrets. oh sure. he has a grand vocabulary. angry still, depressed sometimes, but why. how can someone ruin your life unless you let them? him --me . and for him--her. and believe me because she doesn't care at all, he is and will be stuck. like me, because I really don't feel he cares. If someone could pull of 11 of his toenails, (when I realize he only has 10) then would I believe anything he says.? I really wouldn't want him hurt, physically or otherwise. I know he was. pitiful on my part, but I call it love. I love him. he knew though he said,"he didn't know" I know he knew. he now says he knew.
it's the talking in circles that I replay in my mind over and over and over again. the tone in his voice, the expression on his face, I look and listen for it all. no miles, no tomorrows, no relocations, have put it anyway but a heartache away.

Jan 12, 2012
by: JO

God or eternity have that answer

Aug 30, 2010
does it go from 2 to 5 years? how do I know it's over?
by: Anonymous

midlife go from 2 to 5 years

Aug 01, 2010
Thank goodness
by: Anonymous

I am glad to hear that it does end. I just need to hold on.

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