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How to Overcome Depression

Let’s discuss how to overcome depression. Elsewhere on my site I’ve addressed what causes depression, as well as the negative ramifications of allowing it to go untreated.

I’d like you to know that I’ve experienced what it feels like to be depressed as you enter midlife and wonder why life just doesn’t make any sense anymore.

I also want you to know that you have my compassion when it comes to dealing with your own issues and problems. I know there is a tendency for those feeling great to tell those feeling bad to just, “get over it”.

When you’re feeling depressed, though, the issues causing that depression can seem monumental and I understand that.

Therefore, I believe you must start with a basic desire to feel better and then move yourself up the emotional scale until you can really feel good again.

What I mean by that, is instead of trying to move from feeling depressed to complete joy, it makes more sense to move from feeling depressed to feeling anger possibly, or maybe frustration.

The idea is to feel a little bit better than you do right now. Then, move from feeling a little bit better to even better. I believe that if you want to know how to overcome depression, this is a key aspect to the process.

How to Overcome Depression: 
Understand it First

I think a big key here is that you realize feeling depressed doesn’t need to be a permanent experience. Understand that what causes depression is your “view” regarding your current life situation.

It’s when we “see” our situation as hopeless that depression sets in.

However, when we begin to see a way out, hope sets in and the negative feelings dissipate.

So, if midlife is causing you to feel irritable and angry, wouldn’t it make sense to explore what it is inside you that is changing?

Doesn’t it make sense that you should invest some time looking within and figuring out what changes are needed at this time to allow you to lead a more meaningful life from here on out?

While I know this may sound logical, you still may need to take some specifics steps that will teach you how to overcome depression

Steps to Feeling Better: Exercise

One of the simplest actions you can take today to help you feel better is exercise. Just getting yourself up and out for a walk will elevate your mood. This is especially true if you do this during the day without sunglasses.

Allow the sun to hit your eyes. This allows you to take in the essential Vitamin D3 the sun provides us. Combine this with looking far off in the horizon as you walk and I think you’ll be amazed at the emotionally healing effects you’ll experience.

Further exercise beyond walking is critical, too. As you exercise, you are releasing various “feel good” hormones that also help elevate your mood.

Your Diet

Please stay away from processed foods when you’re feeling depression. Begin to eat whole foods that will deliver your body healthy nutrients and vitamins.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important at this time. These fatty acids help the neurons in your brain.

Processed foods and junk foods are the worse thing you can eat when feeling depressed. They are filled with chemicals and other poisons that alone can cause depressed feelings in the people who eat them.

Combine this with the fact that you’re already feeling low and the results can be devastating.

How to Overcome Depression: Sleep

It’s vital that you regulate your sleep at this time. If you get proper sleep, combined with a better diet and exercise, it all combines to slowly allow you a better vehicle (your body) that is now at least “open” to feeling better overall.

Don’t sleep near a television. The electromagnetic waves and light flashes do not allow for a restful sleep. Stay away from a lot of sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Read a positive book to fall asleep to.

If you’re exercising, your body will have a natural fatigue. Combining this with a quiet mind at bedtime will further enhance your possibilities for proper rest.

If you truly want to know how to overcome depression, please pay attention to the above tips. Combine these activities with paying close attention to what you “feed your mind”.

Stay away from the news and other negative input. Read personal growth and self improvement books that will give you the tools for how to change your thinking and your “view” on your current life situation.

Begin looking within in a spiritual way. Gain an understanding of what it is that you need in order to feel fulfilled in midlife so that you can move forward in a rewarding, happy and energetic way.

One final thing to understand is that men are harder to diagnose because we don't recognize or won't admit the symptoms of depression.

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