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How Workplace injury changed my life

by john kelly
(Toronto ontario canada)

Greeting,Im john k.,i am a 54yr,old ex tractor trailer driver and an Ex Competitive level Amateur bodybuilder.I was basically a man's man,i got my money and self esteem through my physical body.I drove tractor trailer as a way to make a living and trained as a Amateur competitive bodybuilder to build my self esteem and give me purpose and direction. I also did some work in the entertainment industry doing things that called for a man in muscular condition. Unfortunately I as they say put all my apples in one basket and on May 9th 1990 at 30 yr's of age I hurt my lower back as a part of my job duties as a truck driver. I unloaded some cargo and suddenly my life changed as my L-5-S-1 Disc Herniated and I was taken by an ambulance to the hospital. I at first thought I just sprained my lower back and after a few weeks on Worker's compensation I would be ready to return back to my trucking job. To speed this story-up I was to have not 1, but 2 lower back surgeries. I also got hooked on pain med's and developed panic attacks. As I speak to you now im 54 and trying to get a security job to make my life a little more meaningful and to help me stay clean and sober.

Gentlemen we never know what life holds for us, all I can do is try one day at a time. Thank's to all Happy New Year john Kelly in Toronto

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Life can change in a moment
by: Stirling

Hi John

Hope the very best for you!!! Life can change quickly .. Healthy here other then going through a change in my life of what I accomplish .. I feel like I have not achieved goals..

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