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Husband change in a matter of weeks

It started with he wanted to move but we ended up couldn't afford too , then he decided we buy a business , between work and the shop he was busy this started April, by May he became distant but I just thought it was all the work. By June he was different and he said 'we weren't happy' I made him leave cause I can't live with no explanations and his behaviour wasn't right.

He sat me down and said he had no one else , the next week I found out he had been texting someone day in day out for three weeks.
He wouldn't look at me or touch me before I found out there was obviously guilt.

That week he told me we were over , have to get in with your life we can't go back he said I would never forgive him he ended 25 years of our lives without a fight. now I'm in October in a matter of weeks he's met someone through his work and is now living with her.

He says he's only staying there but all his clothes are there , he cannot look me in the eye , he is ashamed.

This man has never done anything like this before , he's changed something isn't right , we were happy it's all happened in a matter of months. I'm so gutted it gets worse each day all I want to do is cry but I got to keep going I have this business and two children to keep going for. I can't give up on him , I know this isn't him.

Noel's response

Men can change fast when a midlife transition hits, as it sounds has happened to your husband. It is very difficult for you, but his behaviour will eventually become more normal. Whether he will come back (or you will want him back) is not predictable.
My only suggestion is that you live one day at a time, and if you are spiritually oriented, pray for the strength you need to carry on.

Get together with friends for support and enjoyment as well.

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