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Husband constantly says he's moving out

by Amanda
(Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

My husband and I have been struggling financially for numerous years. We have a 7 year old boy together. My husband get's so stressed out that he constantly tells me he and my son are moving out and that I will be on my own.

I have recently filed for bankruptcy, had to take a lesser-paying job due to child care issues, and I have just enrolled back at school to try and get a higher-paying job. Just yesterday we received an eviction notice for our apartment.

Now he says it's my fault, and that he will be looking for a place for the two of them but I will be on my own. Due to my own financially situation and minimum-wage job, I won't even be able to afford a place even for myself. I am at a total loss and he's not willing to work with me on this.

Noel's response

Sounds like a tough situation. Your husband is obviously a boy in man's body, and you need to look out for yourself as he is not going to.

You might check with your city or provincial government for free financial counseling, and/or financial help. If he tries to take your son, and you don't want him to, fight it in court. You can likely get free legal aid, again through your provincial government, or perhaps through the law faculty at your university.

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