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Husband got caught looking on live chat dating website

found out my husband has been looking at web sex dating websites, confronted him, he got very angry and said it was because he was depressed. He is currently out of work and has been in temp booking on and off for past 2 years, he is 38. the websites he looked at he ticked, erotic flirting, one on one sex, said he did it to get a kick. Don't know what I should do.

Noel's response

Perhaps he is telling the truth. If you have no evidence of him having one-on-one sex, chances are he is not.

He would probably benefit from seeing his doctor for a medical, and possibly a prescription for an anti-depressant. If he is not exercising regularly, that would help immensely in lifting his depression and feeling better about himself in general. Some recent research shows that regular exercise is just as effective as the most recent anti-depressants.

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