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husband having sex with a 20 yr old and he's 40

Im dealing with a situation where Ive been married 20 yrs bt with the same man 23 yrs.. we are married with 4 children, Im so hurt and confused I feel Im losin it.

My husband is 40 an I just found out hes been makin out with a 20 yr old girl who has been in my home hangs out with my son an some of his friends bt never would I imagined this..We have had issues n the past of him having sex with ppl I know or been in my life. What do I do,will this ever stop. Do u think his got problems or is this stuff normal.

Im so embarrassed for my kids and me. Bt Ive been made to look this way before everyone knows my husband a flirt bt he claims to love me. Is this my fault for not having sex everyday or is it normal for a man to lust over woman. He smiles and stares and makes me think Im seeing shit wat should I do can I help him or is there no help for him.....

Noel's response

It sounds to me as thought the man is a philanderer (one who cheats on his wife). I doubt you can 'help' him. You would be better off helping yourself. Do you want to stay married to a man who obviously is going to cheat on you?

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