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husband is away for six months

We been married for 13 years, recently both finished psychology degrees, moved to our own home, but had to put husband's clothes out due to terrible behavior.

he stays at his parents house which is at his sister, since his parents are deceased.

he said that he missed his family and we decided to go to counselling but he got really angry when i questioned him about constant text messages and phone call to a particular number. He is a teacher and stated that he was counselling the young lady as well as helping her with her dip ed diploma.

We were going to the counselling, but i did not feel like he wanted too or was putting his all into it, and i decided that i will stop since it meant taking time away from work and my daughter if he (my husband was not serious).

he claims to love us, but he does not call, visit or support the home. It has been six months. He brought a gift for valentine, and mother's day, which causes to me to think what his ulterior motives are.

he has not taken his clothes or books or anything. he has left them in the shed where our tools are stored.

What do think about this scenario. I love my husband and i want my family back together, however i do not want it at any cost or if things are not being done to make it better. Sometimes I think he suffers with some sort of dissonance disorder or bipolar since his mother is also ill mentally. A case of the chaos child scenario

please tell me what you think? he is not at home yet after six months and gives different reasons such as his family does not want this to happen to him again, or as he told my daughter he will be home when mom is ready? sometimes i think he is playing games and enjoys the freedom and lack of responsibility.
please advise!

Noel's response

If you are still hanging in with him after he has made up phoney excuses for six months, maybe you should get some counseling on your own. On the surface of it, it definitely looks as though he is playing games.

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