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husband left me after 18 years of marriage

by Lupe
(Novato, Ca, USA)

Hi Noel,

I have been married for almost 18 years, my 52 year old husband left me (I am 52 years old) 3 months ago, he is cheating on me with this woman, whom he wants to marry, as he just told me last month that he wants divorce,
I love him so much, so much, so much that ocean of tears is coming out of my eyes, every time, I am devastated, we worked very very hard, we built good wealth, his career, he makes decent money, all hard work paid off to have a comfortable life, but now he wants to give to someone who is in Philippines, 25 years old, greedy to come to USA and use him.
I have not sought any legal help yet, anticipating that he will learn his lesson that divorce will cause to lose assets, also he had me work less, so he needs to financially support me for a while, we both contributed to our success,
I cannot eat, sleep, we have no children unfortunately, women at work set him up with someone younger from Philippines, he visited her for a month, spending time, money on her, stopped paying bills, I am using whatever I have to pay bills.

What should I do about divorce, or to have him back, will he come back to me, what is that I need to do, but at the same time I don't want to lose our assets, need legal protection,
I am miserable, he is taking me for granted, I am honest, never cheated on him, he trusts me, I am in our home.
Thank you kindly,

Noel's response

The very first thing I would do is get legal advice on how to freeze all possible assets so he cannot spend everything, and if he marries the young Philippino, she will not have access to your assets.

He may have a fling, and discover he has made a mistake, but I can't tell you whether he will come back to you.

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