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Husband of 9 years returns from 4 months at work and then tells me he needs time to clear his head

by Rachael
(Durham uk)

Hi,my story begins with well I was previously married for 14 years to my ex husband. He hurt me alot and walked out leaving me with a new born baby and a 9 year old. Years passed and I met the most amazing man ever! I have been insecure and asked for reassurance and asked that I'm the only one he will ever love. Until 6 days ago i thought i was just confiding in my husband and stupidly never saw that i was hurting him by telling and talking to him about my insecurities. He told me that we are going round in cirlces and he tells me he loves me and he would never leave and I need to believe him.He said he loves me but he's not happy and that he needs a couple of days to.clear his head. He was hesitant in packing an overnight bag and there was lots of tears from myself and him. He's a very deep person and when he grumpy he goes into quite mode and won't talk about it. Our sex life is amazing and while home for 2 and a half days we used that time well to be intimate, i know you don't need to know this but i me trying to show you my life and how quick it has all changed. I walked into our room and he was sat crying head in hands. I asked if he had packed something and if he wanted me to leave he shook his head. His brother turned up he hugged me said just give me a couple of days baby that's all I'm asking. How long do I wait and what can I do to help him?

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May 29, 2018

by: Noel

You don't mention how long he has been gone. If it has only been a couple of days or even a bit longer, I would wait for him to come home. In the meantime you mention your insecurities and how that has added to the situation. Perhaps you could consider getting some counselling to help get over your insecurities.

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