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Husband rarely interested in sex

We have been married for 5 years. We are both 52. My husband relieves himself when needed. He is rarely interested in sex with me. He use to go through this off and on before, but now it is getting more frequent. Is this normal. I don't feel desired. I still look pretty good and take care of myself. I'm not a nag. He's been a loner all his life. He is an only child and adopted. I don't feel this is normal. I never had this in past relationships. I thought maybe it was because of the age.

Noel's response

It may be partly because of age, as when men get older they sometimes have difficulty maintaining an erection, or even sustaining sexual desire for their wife, but masturbation works because they can fantasize about a horny young woman craving sex.

In his case it may be complicated with him being as loner, and being adopted. He may have some emotional wounds from his childhood that make it difficult for him to maintain emotional connections.

I understand your feeling of not being desired, and can only suggest you try hard not to take it personally, as it is not about you.

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