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husband rejects intamacy

by Nena

My husband is 42 yrs old and I am 28 yrs old,as you can see there is a age difference of 14 yrs but to me age does not matter. My husband has been rejecting me when I initiate having sex and he only initiates if any thing does happens 10% of the time.

He tells me its not me but rather its him, but it makes me feel horrible because it make feel worthless and unwanted. Is this have something with his age stage he is in?

Noel's response

It could have something to do with his age. He is at the age when many men and women go through a midlife transition, which often leaves them confused and ambiguous about many things in their lives.

Being rejected when making advances can be difficult, but usually the shoe is on the other foot... men want sex and their wives don't.

I suggest you not take it personally. He is probably telling you the truth when he says it is him, not you. However you might want to try to get him to talk to you about it, or ask him to see his doctor for a complete medical, as sometimes a lack of sex drive can be caused by serious physical conditions, including heart problems. If he gets a clean bill of health from his doctor, you might want to see if he is willing to go to marriage counseling in order to at least talk about whatever issues are causing his lack of interest in sex.

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