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husband says he doesn't love me.

by gigi

The Question

My husband says he no longer loves me. I think he really does but is going through a rough time.

I want to know how best to help him through his mixed-up emotions and crying spells. Do I continue to hug him and try to talk to him during his emotionally difficult moments or let him deal with it on his own. I am trying to be patient and understanding, however I am losing my mind with this. Been married thirty years next month.

Noel's response

If you are convinced he really does love you (which no doubt is a real possibility), you can continue to support him emotionally. However you might also set some of your own conditions, such as that he get some professional help (counselling, therapy) so he can deal more effectively with what he is going through.

If he is willing to visit my site, he might find some useful information there. Most men in the middle of a midlife crisis/transition tend to think they are the only ones having the problem. The simple fact of discovering it is a normal part of life can be helpful.

I suggest you read the other blog entries, as many others have written with similar problems.

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