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Husband spends a lot of time with his niece

my niece (age 29) and her 2 boys have been staying with us for over a year. She removed them all from a very abusive relationship. Her mother somehow has taken the 2 boys (4 mo now)-however, we got her an attorney and boys should be returning here on sept 20-

My question- my husband spends 90% of his time with her. He has known her since 2yrs old. If she leaves house, he goes with. His reason, to keep eye on her so she will get her boys back, as her mother is an evil person and has always treated her daughter terrible.

Her mother hates me because she thinks I broke her and my brother up (they never married) also she (niece's mother) had a 10 yr affair and now both (my brother and her have gone separate ways and she (niece's mother) is with the same guy that she had secret affair. (had several other, just didn't get caught.)

Sometimes I can see a little of niece's has some of her Mom in her.

My husband would do anything for her. He treats my son like shit, wants him to move out, is also mean to me. (I have emphysema bad and only have a few years to live. Husband also hates my daughter (by previous marriage) I don't think sex is involved, I do believe he is doing drugs (prescribed by Doc) nothing illegal, would never take chance of boys not coming back here.

Things are really bad here. Don't know how much longer, however, we all love the boys. Husband is constantly threat to kick ,my son out, so boys can have own room. Please help.

Noel's response

I don't know what to suggest. It sounds as though you have taken what action you could to get the boys back, and as you mention, they should be back soon.

Regarding your husband's treatment of you, and his time being spent with his niece, and his feelings about your kids from your previous marriage, I can't advise you. I suggest you see a therapist (you can find one that is free, or at least has a subsidized fee through your city, or state social department), to help figure out what to do.

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