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husband talking to another girl

In my husband's office there is one girl with whom my husband talks a most most of the time.

she goes with him on his bike without telling me. one time i have caught them but he says that they are only friends.

many times i have also talked to that girl but she does not listen

My husband loves me very much But i am jealous While going to office my husband goes to pick up her than what should I understand from this?

In spite of my warning he does not listen to me.

Tell me what to do?

Noel's response

I cannot tell you what to do. Their behaviour does sounds suspicious, and if you are not willing to put up with it, you may have to confront your husband and give him an ultimatum.

If he is not willing to change, you need to decide what action you will take.

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Feb 23, 2012
Insecurity can even kill rocks
by: Sally

Maybe you guys should become Muslim.
Islam doesnt allow women and men to be friends.

Seriously though, it isnt suspicious, they like spendin time with each other cause lets face, conversation at home is most probably one sided.

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