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Husband wants to live separte, his 41 and he told me he wasn't happy.

Hi, we have been married since 2008 but started dating in 2004. He told me his not happy and wants us to live separate bit together and see what happens. I'm not working because our only child in common is a year and I've been home wife for now. I have two kids from previous but their dad died two years ago.

He also stated that my kids behavior be can't stand it either. He has me in a roller coastal of emotions. He picks at everything wrong I do and complains about everything. I'm always scared what is gonna happen next.

I'm not perfect but I'm a good person. I know for sure his not where he wants to be physically and career wise. He also has alcohol and gaming issues. What do I do??

Noel's response

I can only suggest what I have many times before to women in situations similar to yours. If you read the other submissions you will see them. Often the comments from other women are more helpful than mine.

Number one suggestion though, is look after yourself, both emotionally and financially. (Talk to a lawyer about securing your financial position if your husband decides he wants a divorce, or if he starts failing to support you and your kids.)

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Jul 18, 2014
Mood swings
by: Esther

He hasn't said divorce but he goes through mood changes especially when he has had some drinks. The next day after my post he had changed his mind. I'm just tired of the mood swings and the disrespectful words. You think together but living separate for a couple of months is a good idea? I'm getting a job ASAP.

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