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husbands chat

do husbands in midlife crisis keep talking about fun and nice things you did in the past either together or apart?

Noel's response

Some do, some don't. But often during the 'age 50 transition' both men and women will revisit their past, as though to relive both the good and their mistakes, forgive themselves for their mistakes and take what lessons they can from them.

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Jun 27, 2013
paving the way or cake eating
by: Anonymous

My husband has been coming back to stay over two nights a week there has been no intamicy even though we share a bed i do not mind him staying
as i can find out a little of what is going on in his life now He has said that he has finished with the other woman some time ago I decided to stand for my marriage some time ago when this all started but by allowing him to stay like this is this helping to pave the way for a return or do you think he is just cake eating at this time he still has his own flat and stays there the rest of the time when we have gone out the other woman often shows up and sits right next to us showing now shame what so ever although my husband does not speak to her well not when i am there anyway I guess i am wondering if this is all some sort of game to them or a plan of some sort any advice would be most welcome at this time i feel like i am going mad with all of this

Jun 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

he lives just a short distance from our family home there have been many sightings of the other
woman coming and going into the place he now live
I do not have sex with him when he comes to visit
i just do not understand why if he chose to live and be with another woman is he still coming round
to spend time with me.

Noel's response

Perhaps he enjoys the visits with you. However, if you find them difficult, I suggest you stop letting him drop by (i.e. do not let him in the house, and/or do not chat with him.)

May 20, 2012
it gets worse
by: Anonymous

my husband has now decided to leave and i believe
he is with the other woman
he emails me all the time i respond lightheartedly. he also comes round to the house once a month for just under an hour should i continue like this or just leave him to it
i dont want to cause his crisis to be prolonged i guess i am worried by email communication it is not giving him time to process.

Noel's response

Two things:
- you believe, but do not know for sure, that he is with the other woman. Perhaps he is not.
- if you are having sex with him when he drops by your house, I suggest you stop. if it is simply for a visit, it may be a good thing.

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