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husbands drunken 1 night stand

my husband is 52, 6 months ago i found out he had a drunken 1 night stand, he is a singer in a hotel and stayed behind then went up to a room with a woman, he came home at 7am saying he had just been drinking with friends, i wasnt happy but believed him up until 2 days later when i asked him had he cheated on me and then he confessed, he said they only kissed, but i knew he was lying, i have since found out that he couldnt get a hard on so didnt have sex, but he gave her oral (the girl in question phoned me and told me) he had admitted it, i am devastated, because why would he want to please her and she couldnt please him, i keep asking him and we have done nothing but argue as i need a reason, but he just keeps saying he was drunk. He has said he is sorry many times and cant do enough for me, but i cant stop crying and thinking about what he did to her please help.

Noel's response

It is entirely possible that he is telling the truth - that he was drunk and acted on impulse. Not being able to get an erection is consistent with that explanation, as it is common for a very drunk man to be impotent.

Your obsession with why he would please her when she couldn't please him suggests to me there is something else complicating the situation in your mind. You seem to be more concerned with why he would please her than that he had a one night stand. I suggest you see a therapist, and perhaps the two of you go to marriage counseling before the situation becomes irreparable.

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