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I am a 44 year old man and Need help.....need it now Please

Hi, i'm a man 44 years old, but look wise i'm about 29-30. have a good build and tall and fair. i have never married and i have never been in to any thing bad.

recently i met a girl over internet who is 24 and she will be 25 mid this month. she was not showing or saying about loving me which is very normal in just two days time. and she asked me for my pictures which i sent her and she did the same for me. though she was very much impressed with my picture yet no serious commitment which i believe is yet ok. she asked me if she can see me on web cam and i said why do you want to see me on web cam, may be because you think i'm ugly and she gave her reason no, looks and appearance is not important to me and i said ok and bought one web cam.
when she saw me on her first line of chat she said she loves me and there after she became crazy about me that i don't think i have seen even in movies. she says she loves me and bla bla..and is ready to do any thing but to marry me and also i love her a lot. i have asked her if her family won't mind about my age, she said no and they have left this option open to myself cause they love me.

i have asked her few times and always she say they really have no objection. well yet this is good and i'm very happy finally i fall in love. i'm ready to go to any extreme but marry her. but today i read on line that its not good to marry a young girl i mean with this much difference in age and my all hope for this is crashed. i was broke over an hour when i read about it. cause i don't want to ruin her life or make her cry, i'm really in love with her and can't tell her what people say on line. i'm very active and responsible. i am not a philanderer and i believe in true and honest relationship. i know i can take care of her mentally and physically and i'm a good listener and also i accept my mistakes. please tell me... is it true that if i marry her, i have ruined her life?? please if its not true tell me so that we can be one of those happy couples and happy family in this world.
Appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. God bless you all.

Noel's response

Marrying a younger woman (at 24 she is not a girl) does not automatically mean you will ruin her life. If you talk about the things you both want in life, such as children, where you will live, work, etc., and you are compatible that way, there is no reason your relationship shouldn't work. Be aware that her energy at 24 may be quite different than yours at 44!

As to whether you 'love' each other, I would be surprised at this stage if that were true, given that you barely know each other. Love grows over time. However attraction can be immediate.

Logically the next step would be to meet in person and see whether you have enough in common to want to have a long-term relationship.

You do not say where either of you lives, so I would also caution you to be careful about any long-term commitments until you know more about her and her family background. As you know, there are scams where beautiful women profess great love for someone they meet online, and then take him for a ride financially.

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