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I am a doctor in India, and am in a mid-life crisis

by dr SONU
(Bhopal , INDIA)

i am 50 yrs pediatrician settled in a small Indian town. For the last 3 yrs i am facing a downfall in my medical practice. also loss of libido affecting married life. on top of that my wife curses me for a troublesome past for which both of us were responsible (during her only pregnancy we were separated for an year). tell me how to handle all this!

Noel's response

I don't have a quick answer for you that will solve your problems.

As for the downturn in your medical practice, you don't say anything about what might be causing it - whether it is a change in how you deal with people, or some change in the local economy.

Your loss of libido is fairly common at your age, but I would suggest you see your own doctor for a thorough medical.

The only suggestion I have for the problem of your wife being angry with you about the past is that you both go to a marriage counselor to get help talking about it.

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